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Commercial Window Replacement in Boston, MA

At Reśtauro Group, we pride ourselves on servicing a comprehensive range of window systems. We can replace or repair windows used in nearly every business or commercial application, from parking garages to decks and patios to historic buildings and many others. Old, ineffective, or damaged windows can cause significant energy loss for your business. Our window repair services will keep your building energy efficient, maintain a comfortable temperature, and save you money in the long run. If your business has windows that are showing signs of wear, leakage, or any type of damage, give us a call. We have over 60 years of experience in business window repair in the Boston area. 

Boston, MA Business Window Repairs
Boston, MA Business Window Replacement


Available Services

There are many issues that may affect commercial windows and create a need for repair or replacement. At Reśtauro Group, we provide services that addresses each of these issues and will fully repair your windows to working order, or replace the windows entirely if needed. These window repair services include: 

  • Window Sealant Replacement.
  • Expansion Joints / Control Joints
  • Precast Panels
  • Staging Access 
  • Historic Replacement
  • Full Window Replacement Systems
  • Insert Unit Replacements
  • Air/Vapor Barrier
  • And More. 

Our Business Window Repair Process

We address a wide variety of issues with our commercial window repair services, but some of the most common services we provide are repairing or replacing sealants and installing air/vapor barriers. 

Sealants & Caulking

Sealants are materials that are placed in the joints of buildings and structures. They are placed where a weather-tight seal is needed, or to accommodate anticipated movement at the interface between various building elements or in a monolithic surface. It's extremely important to choose the right type of material for each project to ensure a tight, leak-free building envelope. The type of sealant selected depends upon the application, anticipated exposure, movement and aesthetic requirements. We choose the right material for your building based on your individual building needs, and ensure that our selection will ensure quality performance and longevity.

Joint backings, fillers or, bond break tape are utilized as an accessory to sealants, depending upon the application. They are used to limit the depth of the sealant, prevent three sided adhesion and provide support during installation and finishing. Proper preparation of joint substrates in conjunction with correct width to depth ratios are all essential to achieving long term durability for your building. 

Air / Vapor Barriers

Air Barriers control air leakage into and out of a building's exterior. Installing an air barrier allows your building to be more durable and energy efficient. This is because unwanted moisture is kept out, and unintended air movement is controlled. There are many types or air and vapor barriers available for various applications. At Reśtauro Group, we use either Self Adhered membranes or Fluid applied membranes for this service. 

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We are Boston's first choice for commercial window replacement and repair. If you have a building with windows that may be in need of professional servicing, don't delay. We'll get the job done right, and it will last your business for years to come. Give us a call or contact us today

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